Caring for Friends and Family

We believe our role in the lives and others is an important one, To enhance their health and appearance for a lifetime!

Part of our mission at Tracey and Hoff Orthodontic Specialists is to help you achieve the amazing smile you deserve! With proven expertise in new and traditional orthodontic methods you will get results more quickly, conveniently and comfortably than you ever imagined!

From virtually invisible treatment with invisalign to state of the art braces that move your teeth more efficiently and precisely, Tracey and Hoff Orthodontic Specialists is leading the way with personalized treatment, our goal is always for your experience with us and your orthodontic results to be world class!

We use the latest technological advances in orthodontics to make treatment faster and more comfortable - and our flexible payment options mean you never have to choose between affordability and the very best treatment. Our goal is to make your time in treatment almost as great as the day your new smile is complete!