What Patients are Saying

Dr. Tracey and Staff, I just wanted to say thank you so much. You have an awesome practice and great staff. The energy and knowledge that you share with us is incredible. It is so rare to walk into a doctor's office these days and be shown the kindness and care to your patients that you and your staff provide. You guys are awesome. Thank you again! - Terri Stevens and Family

Dear Dr. Tracey, Thank you again for always making me feel so special and for all you have done for my family and I. I am forever grateful for you! - Justine Toothaker

Dear Dr. Tracey and Ladies, I can't thank you all enough for your time, expertise and care with my braces. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my straight teeth dreams come true! I feel sensational with my new smile. I couldn't be happier and more grateful to you all! Many Mahalos! - Rebecca Taylor

Dear Dr. Tracey and Staff, Thank you so much for taking such good care of our children's orthodontic needs. All of you were always so kind, engergetic, and professional. You each have a way of making every patient feel special. Dr. Tracey, this all began with you and your mission to provide top quality ortho care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our kids' beautiful smiles! - The Rode Family - Jenny, Joe, Jennaca, Jacob & Joseph.

Dr. Tracey and the Entire Staff, Thank you very much for your wonderful, professional orthodontic care. You gave me a new shining set of teeth and put a brilliant smile in my mouth. I just can't thank you enough! The entire 11 months went by very quickly due to the gentle and friendly service from your team. Thanks a million!! P.S.- I love the chocolate cookies too! - Paul Oginni

Dear Dr. Tracey, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. I refer everyone I know to you. I love my teeth & so does everyone else! - Heather Spencer

Dear Dr. Tracey, I wanted to express how much we truly appreciate everything you've done for us! Thank you for Jordan's amazing smile & your exceptional kindness. - Kimberly Gaydos

My new look, with straightened teeth, is the best yet! I am truly grateful! - Louise McCullough

It has been such a privilege and pleasure bringing my nephew Paul to your wonderful office and getting to know you. Your entire staff always made us feel welcome. You are all great! You're the best!! - Kip Grimm

Somehow "thank you" does not seem enough to say for all the wonderful treatment I received at your practice. Choosing an orthodontist is a tough decision nowadays because it seems there is one on every corner. I have been in the dental industry myself for over 19 years and when it came to being a 34 year old that needed braces again, the orthodontist and his experience was very important to me. Dr. Tracey's practice far exceeded my expectations and I would be happy to speak on their behalf at anytime to anyone regarding the AMAZING treatment I received. Each time I had an appointment the entire staff from the front desk to the back office were truly professional, well trained, educated and a pleasure to talk with. If you are looking for an amazing orthodontic experience by an orthodontist who keeps up with the latest technologies, then Dr. Tracey's office is the best fit you could possibly find. Not to mention the amazing decor and the warm cookies.

After my braces were off my smile was perfect, or at least I thought it was perfect. Come to find out, Dr. Tracey is a perfectionist and felt I needed a little more pizazz to my smile. So he sent me home with a tooth whitening kit. It is amazing what a difference that made. On my follow-up retainer check he looked at my smile and was still not 100% happy so he did some laser recontouring on the gums around my front teeth. That made a huge difference in balancing out my smile. Having my braces off and a straight smile was enough for me, but Dr. Tracey had to go one step further and I'm glad he did! I have received many compliments on my smile and it is all because of Tracey Orthodontics. Again, thank you is not enough for the confidence I feel talking to others with my new perfect smile. - Kimberly Kendall

Dr. Tracey is passionate about his work! His standard of care is A+. Our family loves him because he gives excellent care, makes coming to his office fun, and makes our smiles beautiful. He is not the typical dentist - He instructs dental residents, writes articles, publishes and is a professor in Italy! He is cool! I am very selective and he is the best!
- Lynn Whithey, R.N.

Dr. Tracey is the best in this field of work. The staff is always friendly and happy. Dr. Tracey has made the environment of his office comfortable and fun for all. Plus he gives you yummy cookies and coffee! - The Haringa Family

Dr. Tracey's office is very proffessional. Quick response and office workers who care about you. Dr. Tracey is friendly and very knowledgeable. He cares for all his patients. He is always in a good mood and makes your visit a pleasant one. - Mike Perez

Dr. Tracey is a very patient and wonderful orthodontist. He takes his time and wants to make sure what he does is perfect. - Erica Mojarro

Dr. Tracey and staff go the extra mile. This is a man that will not stop until he is completely satisfied, and I have observed his staff doing the same. I really appreciate the wonderful care both my children have received and recommend anyone to come see for themselves! - Susan Csik & family

Dr. Tracey has always remained on the top of the latest advances in his industry and teaches others the newest procedures. If you're not keeping up with the pace of technology, you'll be left behind. In addition he's hired a great staff and maintains a warm and caring atmosphere. - Leslie Heine

Dr. Tracey is very efficient, attentive, and has a good relationship with his patients. I have brought my girls here and will bring my son when he is ready. - Robin Gutierrez

Dr. Tracey has treated myself and my two sons over the past 7 years. His level of care and professionalism is amazing. He is definitely our family favorite! - Chet Fortney

I have had the joy and priviledge of experiencing Dr. Tracey's smile magic since I was a young boy. I am very grateful and excited about giving the gift to my children. - Adam Cohen

Great orthodontist! I am on my way to a beautiful smile. Dr. Tracey is very kind, and his staff is extremely efficient. - Jillian Larkin

Not only is Dr. Tracey an incredibly talented and friendly orthodontist, but he's also one of the most affordable. I recommend him for any orthodontic work. - Seth King

Dr. Tracey, I appreciate everything you've done for me. I love being able to laugh and smile, and if weren't for you, it would've never been possible. - Austin Santee

Dr. Tracey, there is nothing we can do to thank you enough for everything you've done for us. You have been there for us in ways we never imagined. Your talents and skills have given us more confidence than we've ever had before. You have positively changed our lives forever. Thank you! - Lynn Rogers

We have never been to another office of any kind that has put more thought and effort into the comfort and concerns for the clients. You're number one in our book! Thank you! - Maureen & Mitchell Archer

You are all awesome! Thank you for all your friendly hellos and smiles, and for your prompt attention to the patient. We never waited too long. - Kevin Reid